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Step Back in Time!


A visit to our current window display feels like a trip to a museum.

There’s a vintage brass cash register that served for decades in a West 4th Avenue drygoods store and assorted woodworking tools from the same era.

A tour of our shop will reveal countless hand tools that are still in use, come see what’s in progress in the workshop.

Each jewellery creation is as unique as you are!

A keepsake bracelet

string-braceletEvery once in a while we get the opportunity to create a piece that is so significant to the client and yet so subtle to anyone else.

We created this piece using a string bracelet given to the client by her four year old granddaughter while she was recovering in hospital.

Our goldsmith Rhona created a memorable keepsake for it. To protect the string, she embedded it in resin then created an 18K yellow gold bracelet that carries that special piece of string.

Fishing reel gift box

fishing reelGenerations of people have given Van Yperen rings to their loved ones.

We can design a custom container resembling anything your imagination can conceive, from fishing reels to stethoscopes, to hold your treasure.

Voila, the unique box to present the unique ring!

We designed this for a couple who loves fishing and he wanted a great way to surprise her. Behold the tiny fishing reel with the enclosed ring.