custom design

broochFrom your initial sketch to the finished piece, Van Yperen Jewellers will guide you through the process of creating your jewellery.

Unlike most jewellers, we do not cast or pour melted metal into a mold. Each item is handmade, forged, filed and polished by hand. Therefore each piece is unique.

We work with silver, white gold and yellow gold. Because we alloy our own gold, we can control the hardness of the karat, and produce jewellery with strength and the lustre of a high carat.

At your first appointment, one of our designers will take notes on what you want, your lifestyle as to how the jewellery will be worn and begin sketching a design. Sometimes, that design is produced right away or we produce a series of sketches and have our clients return to present them. The pieces in the shop serve as inspiration to move us toward your finished item.