Can Spring Be Far Away?

Dear Spring:

We are all waiting for the warmth of the sun, the surprises that spring from the warmer soil, reminders of things planted last fall. Longer days, getting outside and enjoying the outdoors!
Ah, distant memories of last summer.

In the meantime, the Van Yperen goldsmiths have a number of creations to delight you. Drop by and see what’s new! Stay tuned for new stones arriving from Europe any day.

Fall in to Van Yperen!

October’s giveaway is a Van Yperen classic! Originally created in 1967, this our 2017 interpretation of the “Willy Van Yperen” chain. Distinct, this 28″ long handmade sterling silver chain with black pearl accents will look great any time of year, especially with those wool sweaters that are emerging from our closets!

Remember the drill, Come in to Win @ 4425 West 10th Vancouver.

PS Some beautiful German cut stones have just arrived, have a glance in the workshop to see our creations in progress!

Headed to Van Yperen’s Giveaway?

Perhaps this wise owl is headed to Van Yperen Jewellers for the August giveaway!

This month’s prize is an 18K yellow gold/lapis pendant! We are celebrating 50 years on West 10th Avenue, what better way to celebrate than to give gifts!

You need to come in to win, 4425 West 10th Avenue, Tuesday to Saturday.

Guess what we’re giving away this month?!!!

It’s our birthday and we are giving away presents!! Only rule is, you have to come in to win!!
This month we are giving away a pair of earrings, handmade 18K yellow gold, chrysophrase gemstones, inspired by ocean life on the west coast. What do you have to do to win you may ask?

Drop by 4425 West 10th Avenue, fill out a ballot and see if Lady Luck is on your side. Draw will be at the end of June.


May’s Come In to Win!!

This month’s giveaway is this delicate 18K Yellow Gold Pendant with a framed red sapphire hanging on an 18K Gold Chain. Looks beautiful on our wooden heart, even more beautiful on the winner!

Remember, it’s our 50th birthday and we are giving the gifts! To enter, come in Tuesday through Saturday, 10am -5pm, and fill out a ballot.


Come in to Win!

Being our 50th Anniversary, we thought we’d throw a party for ourselves by giving out gifts to our customers! Celebrate spring with this beautiful, handmade 14K yellow gold bangle, a classic Van Yperen piece.
Drop by the store, Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm, fill out a ballot and this gorgeous bracelet could be yours.
Draw will be at 3pm on Saturday, April 29!

Christmas Express is Here!


All of our new creations are in the showcases, the Christmas train is in the window, only one thing left….
Christmas train

You the client! On Sunday, December 4 we are hosting our annual open house from 1 to 4. Please drop by, join us for a glass of bubbly & prepare to be dazzled.

P.S. There’s a special Christmas gift valid December 4 to 11!

Fall is in the air!

wave-pendant-gsAccording to the calendar, it’s still summer but if you open the door of our studio, test the air, see the leaves falling, you get the distinct impression that we are entering another season!

A perfect time to think about that perfect gift that you may need in the coming months (I’m thinking December 25).

Drop by, look at our displays, talk about ideas to create that special piece for that special someone in your life.

Hot off the bench!

This lovely ring was finished today, so sparkly it will surely spark joy for the person it is for!


The workshop is buzzing with commissions, redesigns & repairs. Trying to come up with ideas to celebrate Van Yperen’s 50th anniversary next year, any ideas??